For every 1,000 souls who start, only 6 will make it

Message from Maitreya:

Each soul chooses the time when they will work towards spiritual development and raise their vibration. For some it happens in their childhood and youth. Others choose the thirties, and forties. Some souls choose to start the process in the later years, and many a soul has started to experience it in their seventies and eighties. There is no set time. Often a soul will say before incarnating, “I will attempt to start the path on my own, but if by the set time I have allotted, I have not completed this, then you will force me to make the changes. You are given the opportunity to do it yourself, but then, we assist you to make the change.

There are many who think that spiritual development is a very beautiful and easy path. Their is nothing more untrue. When you open the door to your spiritual work, first of all you need to be found worthy. We cannot work with you if you are full of self, do not listen to your intuition, and are full of fear. Over a period of Earth time, we work at placing in front of you all that you fear. We assist in placing you in situations where you may experience karmic situations. Situations are also created to see how intuitive you are, and how much attention you will pay to this.

One of the most common and most prolific situation is that as you start to bring in the higher energy of spirit into your body, to assist you with your development, then this energy will force anything you have buried deep within your Etheric body, whether that be pain, emotion, fear, doubt, insecurity, or anything else, to come to the surface. You will get no warning about this. At this time on the Earth plane, there are many souls experiencing this phenomena, for there are so many souls who have started their spiritual path. Far more than have ever done so.

For every 1,000 souls who start the path to spiritual development, only 6 of them will make it. The self will place obstacle after obstacle in the way to stop you. It will not give in easy. There is actually a battle between the self and the higher self. Often the self will win because the soul does not usually know how to deal with the self.

Over a number of Earth years you are tested, tried, and you do this to yourself. You have set yourself a plan and with your Guardian Spirit, you then act out the play of your plan; those around you become the actors on the stage of your plan. Everyone in your life becomes a teacher, or a mirror, to assist you in learning your lessons and setting you free from the Earth plane. However, many never finish the first act. The struggle becomes too much. They often cannot face the struggle which ensues.

If you are one of those souls mentioned above who is struggling with your spiritual development, know that we in the world of spirit are with you all of the time. We never leave you. Ask for our assistance and it will be there. Remember, that the higher you raise your vibration, the more intuitive and spiritual you will become. Know also that until you can release past life residue, then we cannot work with you. The purpose of spiritual development is to bring this to the surface.

In your play, you are the actor, director, producer and the board of examiners. We the Masters and your fellow souls in spirit are only there to assist you when it is needed, you have made this request and we can do nothing without your permission.

The end result is a place of peace, plus the ability to manifest all that you desire. Truly Heaven on Earth. It is worth the struggle if you can see beyond the illusion that the Earth plane creates!


Each one of you can manifest all that you need and more

Message from Maitreya:

I am constantly amazed at how humanity believes that they have to live in poverty consciousness. This condition is responsible for a lot of the hardship and difficulty prevalent on the Earth plane today. No soul is destined to be in financial difficulty. Each one of you is a limitless supply of energy, whether financial, health or any other way.

How can I get this? I can see many of you asking. Well, first of all, it is necessary for you to cease all worry over money and material possessions. Yes, this means ALL concerns. The second item is that you make a request to the Universe for what you need. You also need to place an Earth time frame on this also, but also give enough time for the Universe to create your desire. You also need to state what you need the request for, is it for travel, a course you wish to do, a home, a vehicle, whatever it is that you need, you make that request verbally. It is necessary for the words to be spoken to take effect. Then, one needs to leave the request, do not repeat it. The Universe is not deaf! It is necessary not to make a negative statement or thought with regard to your request, such words as “I never win anything”, “I never have good luck” and “I am a jinx”, when it comes to manifesting these statements and others will have a diverse effect and will stop the flow of energy.

Each one of you can manifest all that you need and more. You just need to know the rules of how to do it. I have given you the rules, you now have to have the faith. I would welcome questions about this subject.