You as a soul are limitless, nothing that you cannot do

Message from Maitreya:

I have said to my students many times, that to be spiritual one does not need to change oneself, when you do become spiritual, YOU change. That change may be very slow, but as you change within and move toward a better understanding of life, the old way of life that you have had, moves away and you start to create a whole new energy. Many who start the spiritual path expect it to be an overnight sensation that they change and that all that they desire, they can have. This is not so. Depending on the soul and their karma (lessons) it may take many years before this happens. However, with perseverance, it can be obtained.

You as a soul are limitless. There is nothing that you cannot do. With positive thought and positive action, you can transform your life from one of difficulty and hardship, which many souls find themselves in, to happiness and abundance. To do this, one needs to look within the portals of the Self, and find what is hidden there. For it is this energy, stale, old, past life energy, which stops the positive energy from flowing in your life. There are those who say that to be spiritual you must do this, and you must do that, such as give up meat and stop smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. I say this is not necessary. By doing this, you deny your Self, the very bondage it has held on to for this life and perhaps for many incarnations. It can make the Self worse! For many years, my channel smoked tobacco. She could not give it up. Even when she became spiritual, she still needed it until she grew in the spiritual, and one day, it was no longer important in her life. She no longer smokes tobacco, but she was not forced to give it away, she chose to.

You cannot force a soul to do anything, if you do it creates resentment and usually incites the soul to do it all the more! When one changes, and starts to raise the vibration, the soul slowly starts to give away the things that it has been addicted to and needed. There is no need for force. No person should give his power to another either. You are all your own Masters! You just need to find that Mastership. In the World today on the Earth plane, this is hard to do for the Self in its desire for comfort has created so many traps to keep humanity enslaved. However, when one steps above this, one becomes a Master, and one then becomes free from all that enslaves.

There are some souls who will not achieve enlightenment in this incarnation. Yes, this is so! The teachers connected to the Brotherhood of Masters, who are teaching on the Earth plane are there to teach those who are ready for the change. They know that those who are ready will find them. They do not worry about whether people will come, people DO come! In the past humanity has spent so much time saying “You must do this to be spiritual, you must do that”. We say that to be spiritual, you need to go within yourself and find out who you are. That is all. Face as many say, your demons, the past life memories, the subconscious fears, the buried anger and resentment. You need to forgive those who have hurt you, and release the emotional body which has enslaved you for so long. If you can do this, good and well. If not, then it “Will happen at another time”, if I can use that phrase?

Many of you berate yourself for your slow rate of spiritual development. Do not do this, it does take time, it is slow. It cannot be rushed. Live each day for one small improvement, and be proud of that achievement. It took my channel 52 Earth years, before she graduated on the spiritual path, even though she was channeling my energy for many years, she was not perfect, and is still not perfect. A perfect person is a boring person! It is impossible on the Earth plane today to be perfect because of all the distractions of the Self. However, when one conquers the Self, then change can take place and one reaches a ‘Peace that passes all understanding’. Many of you will attain this in this incarnation.

Do not berate yourself at your faults, or your lack of haste in your development, you are on the path, that is all that matters, you are giving it a try, you are fighting the Self, what a magnificent and very important thing you are doing. Know that we in the Brotherhood admire you for the effort.


How many of you have done this in the past Earth time?

Message from Maitreya:

In my teaching, I teach that each soul is their own Master, and that each soul must find their own way without aid or assistance from anyone else. If a soul assists someone, they can create Karma for that person. For instance, take the case of someone who comes upon a person who is without food and shelter. The first instinct in a soul is to reach out and assist this person, find them shelter, or offer them shelter in their own home and find them food. To many this seems very logical, it is the thing to do. Yet few souls realize that this soul may have many lessons to learn from this experience, and has chosen this very existence for its learning. Then you come along, and in its darkest hour, you offer help which of course the soul accepts. You remove this soul from the source of its learning, but worse than that, you bring the soul back for another round of existence in the same way, or, because of what you do in assisting, the learning experience is put on hold, the experience comes again in the future, because it has not been learned at that time.

How many of you have done this in the past Earth time? I can see many of you nodding your heads. If a soul is left to their own talents and experiences, then the experience is learned and the soul can move on. If not, it is left waiting to be experienced. That is why many souls go through the same experience time and time again, because they were cut short the first time.

Over a number of years, my channel watched someone close to her live a life of hardship and difficulty. She knew that this person needed to learn certain lessons, and I had informed her that by stopping this soul from doing this, she would prolong the Karma. It was unpleasant for my channel to watch this person go through the experience, but she was lucky in that I was with her and I told her that when it was over, this person would desire change so strongly, that she would become a different person.

With great sadness in her heart, she allowed this soul to do this, and watched the hardship and difficulty which ensued. A few Earth months ago, this soul contacted my channel and informed her that it desired change, that it needed help, and at this time, we gave permission for this help to be given. Assistance was given in the aid of moving expenses and items that were provided for the new home.

So, I can hear you saying, how do I know when to help and when to leave a soul alone. I must tell you now that you cannot know. However, if spirit comes to you in a dream, vision, or through a reading and asks you to help, then know that permission is given to do this.

You have a saying on the Earth plane that my channel quotes a lot. It is “Feed a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. There is much you can do to assist a soul on its journey, but there is a time for that. When that time comes, do not make it easy for the soul, but help in whatever way you can. Teach the man to fish, do not feed him! Each soul is on a path of life, a path, which if they choose to do it alone, or with assistance from a spiritual teacher, can move so quickly. THEN, the joys of the Earth plane can be manifested and the rewards experienced. I am sure this topic will elicit questions to me, please feel free to write to me on this topic.

So many of you wrote to my channel and myself about the Forgiveness Day. One soul suggested May 1st in the Earth year. I feel that this is a good day to do this. So, now you have an official date.

Thank you finally to all those souls, many of you who have written and made good comment about the website. Both Peter and my channel Margaret work very hard to keep the site updated and to send out the news letters and writings.

I leave you in love and peace.