Perfection is striven for, it does not happen

Message from Maitreya:

Once again I have the opportunity to write to you through my channel and make some words available to you. I was recently asked in one of the questions to the website, why I do not come out and help with the peace efforts in the Middle East as it is known. I only wish that I could. I know that I would have much to contribute, not only to the Middle East, but to all other places in the world that are experiencing trouble. It is those in authority who would have a problem with accepting me, for I must work through a channel. I have no physical body, this in itself is a phenomena that would be difficult for many to understand. Humanity over the years has come to understand a lot more, the spiritual within themselves but they are not yet ready for a voice different to that of the body it channels through, speaking to them of the positive with solutions for their problems.

That is why we have come to the Earth plane through our channels, to assist humanity to understand the spiritual part of themselves. For many years since the beginning of the 20th century, we have been working to open humanity up to the spiritual within themselves. Fifty Earth years ago there were very few people who knew of the spiritual, people had to meet in secret to meditate and develop spiritually. In many countries including England, it was against the law to be a medium or channel as they are known today. How things have changed. Today on the earth plane, more and more people are wanting to find the spiritual part of themselves. Those searching include some very respected people. No longer do people have to meet in secret. There are some places where it is still necessary, but most of the time it is open to all.

Due to many “False prophets” humanity has become wary of those who profess to channel. However, those who do, and who enable we the Masters to speak our words through them, have gained excellent reputations. Their work is much sought after and respected. We are now working at bringing the spiritual to the corporate area, where the decisions are made and where we can reach those in the very high echelons of power. We do so not to gain power, but to say to them “There is another way than that you have known so far”. We are only a few steps away from that happening. All those of you who receive my newsletter have found something in my writings that speaks to your heart. It is this which has brought you back to the website again and again. You are also – all of you, channels for spirit. I can hear all of you saying “But how can we serve”? I will tell you how you can serve. You can stop trying to be perfect. Perfection is striven for it does not happen overnight. You can start to love yourself, for until you love yourself, you cannot work with us, and you cannot let our love in to your soul. That in itself is service. You can teach your friends that to be spiritual does not mean going without and changing ones life, that happens once you find the peace in your heart that spiritual development brings. Speak of the spiritual to your friends and family. Lastly, tell the Masters you wish to serve and very soon you will find yourself being led and guided to where you can serve. Removing all fear is one the last items of all. With no fear in your heart you can achieve so much. Forgive yourself also for all that you have done in the past that you have considered to be wrong. You did not know any better at the time. Why persecute yourself for something that happened when you had less knowledge. Let go of this and move forward with the desire to be better the next time.

We are working desperately behind the scenes through mediators, UN people and others to bring peace to the Middle East and to other areas of the globe. However, I have said many times, until humanity learn of the spiritual part of themselves, they will never find peace. It is our desire that one day, every soul on the Earth plane will know of the spiritual within themselves. What a wonderful day that will be! Do all you can to spread the word of the spiritual to all whom you meet. However do not feel you have wasted your time if they do not listen. Your words have gone into their subconscious. They may not be listened to intently for many years, but they will be there. The soul memory will never forget. Your prayers can help also, know that. The more people who ask of the Ultimate Being or God, the more that the positive energy can surround the world. There are so many things you can do. My blessings to all of you in the coming Earth week for your happiness and fulfillment in your life.