A period of Earth time is allotted for you to do it alone

Message from Maitreya:

To all subscribers of my news letter, Thank you to all those of you who have written and informed Peter Luke that you so enjoy my newsletter. Many of you have said that you felt that the newsletter was aimed at you personally. When I write this newsletter, I know what is in every man’s heart, and so my newsletter is drafted accordingly.

For many of you, the struggle of the Self is a major battle in your life. For others, dedication to the cause of spirit is often a very hard road which seems without reward. Many souls often think that working for spirit means instant answers and support and financial reward, when in fact it is often the opposite. Why is this? Well, first of all when working for spirit one needs to learn to have faith. You can say “But I have faith” yet often one does not. The faith I talk about is the faith not to worry about anything and to trust in spirit to bring what you need into your life. To learn to trust, and to trust we in spirit to lead you and guide you. Often we make you wait, just to see if you have the patience to work with us. We in spirit have to make sure that you are true to us before we can trust you to work for us. To you, it seems as if we have deserted you, or that the rewards never come, yet they do when you have proved yourself worthy.

Eight Earth years ago, my channel Margaret was removed from all she held dear and taken to another country removed from her family, friends and familiar life. She chose to do this as part of her learning. Without the support of those whom she loved, she was on her own. Then began her training in every possible way. I cannot tell you the number of times she wanted to give up, but Peter Luke would persuade her to stay, then Peter Luke would want to give up and Margaret, through her crisis, would persuade Peter to stay. It was not easy for either of them. Something inside of them though knew that one day it would get better.

Of course it did, and they are now through their training. Many of you are in your training as I write this message. Many of you are wondering if there is a spirit, do they care? Yes, we care, we care deeply. It pains us to watch you going through your training, but we have to do this because for one thing, you have asked us to do this for you in this incarnation, and secondly because it makes you a better person. Often at times of difficulty you cannot see the bigger picture. The Self cries out, “Why me! I am a good spiritual person, why am I suffering, why am I going through this”? You have chosen the difficulty. We only carry out the orders that you give us before you came to the Earth plane.

Usually a period of Earth time is allotted for you to do it alone, and then when this is not completed in the allotted Earth time, to work in with your spiritual development, we then create the situation in which you will learn and grow even more. I know that many of you wish for money so that you can do your spiritual work. Yet many of you live in fear of money, in fear of having abundance, you long for it, yet you fear it. For many souls the idea of having money is not spiritual, yet, without money which is just energy, you cannot provide what you need in your life. I have said many times, money is just energy, nothing more. There is nothing wrong with having money, it is what you do with it that matters! A laborer is worthy of his hire! If one labors, and gives energy, then there should be an exchange of energy. The cost of air travel is expensive, so is overseas accommodation and the expenses to do this, how would people pay for these things if they did not ask for an exchange of energy? For instance, how would Margaret and Peter finance the website without remuneration. They would not be able to, and so my words and the website would never be. If you could see the hours that Margaret and Peter Luke have channeled and spent on the web site, on their own, without assistance except from we in spirit, you would be astounded!

One of the questions asked of Margaret my channel is “Why is the Master’s course so expensive; why do you charge for your readings and your services if you are spiritual”? Why should they not do this? The website that many of you like so much would not have been possible without the money that they earned. They had nobody supporting them financially when it began, it cost them a lot of money in the beginning to set it up, yet they had faith and did it. The money they earned went straight back into the work. They did this for eight Earth years.

The money they charged for the course paid for their air fares to travel to the USA to open the doors and train people there. The channel for Maha Chohan would not be channeling him so well had she not been trained by Margaret until she was ready to go it alone. Many of the souls who were trained have done nothing with that training, others are leaping ahead in the work. It could not have happened though, had Margaret and Peter not earned the money to go. They have a worth on themselves, and that was one of Margaret’s lessons, to learn to not only put a worth on herself, but to ask for it as well.

There is also the energy expended on the course and in the readings. Although Margaret is in a physical body, that body takes an incredible amount of our energy to enable you to be transformed on the course. Unfortunately, it means that a soul needs to be in the energy to make the changes, but that is the only way it can be done. Through a channel.

The main point I want to write about to you is that working for spirit is about dedication, with no thought of self, reward, or how hard the work is. The rewards do come later, you create them. It is also about stopping the questions and allowing the answers to come. So many of you write questions to me which are obviously from the Self, why, how, what, whom? Why do you do this, is it because of fear? Yes it is. The Higher Self does not have to ask anything, it just accepts a situation as a lesson and moves on. The Self says “But why did this happen? What will happen in the future”? etc., That is the difference.

In closing, I will say to all of you. You cannot reach the other side of the river until you have swam through the deep and often treacherous water. If you do so without fear, without question, you will get there so quickly. If you moan and groan and complain, it will take you a long time and you will sink. Which one do you want to take?

My blessings to all of you who faithfully await my newsletter. Remember, before the dawn there is the night, the darkness. Life on the spiritual path is in a way the darkness before the dawn. However, at the end of the path is the most brilliant light. It is worth the effort to walk there!