Anger, hatred, and other emotions, brother against brother

Message from Maitreya:

In this time of turbulent trouble in the Middle East, there is a prime example of negative energy, feeding negative energy over and over the Earth years. The original trouble in the Middle East started out with one soul wanting more than he/she should have. Greed was the cause of this and of course a belief that the land should belong to the soul also. Since that time, humanity in that area has waged a battle over a small piece of Earth. Many have been killed for this cause, blood has been spilled and the most terrible atrocities have occurred. This has been perpetrated on both sides by people who profess to be religious and spiritual.

Once negative energy was given to this issue, then the energy built in force. Anger, hatred, and other emotions came into place, and brother set against brother. All this for a small piece of land! As the world watches this action, you have probably thought to yourself, “This is their problem, I can do nothing to help”. But you can. Prayer and Request of the Ultimate Being or God as some of you know this energy, can assist in bringing the light down upon this area. Your prayers are very important, and once verbalized, can then manifest as positive energy assisting in the removal of the negative energy which for so long, has been a part of life in this area.

This is the same for all trouble spots in the world. If only humanity would see that by giving energy to situations, they make it worse, for all energy is creative, once given force, or thought, it becomes manifest. By denying energy to a situation, by as the Prophet Jesus said “Turning the other cheek”, one then denies the energy and when energy has nowhere to go it dies. It just dissipates. Never to be ever again. Once humanity realizes this, then the Earth plane can start the healing process. Your prayers, your requests to the Ultimate Being or God, can assist in this process. Each prayer or request is like a light beam, bringing light to the darkness.

Know that your prayers and requests do make a difference. My love and energy goes out to all who read this newsletter.


You only have to ask once, the Universe is not deaf!

Message from Maitreya:

It is with great joy that I have become aware that so many people have requested to subscribe to the news letter which I have elected to send out on a regular basis or whenever I feel it necessary to make a comment about an Earth plane happening.

Each one of you is on a path of trying to free yourself from the earth plane. Of stopping the constant incarnation cycle that you have been on for so long. Through this web site and through the regular updates with my channeling, you will be able to assist yourself to do this. There is no easy way to free yourself from the wheel of karma. It takes hard work, discipline, determination, and a battle between the Self and the Higher Self. However, for those of you who can achieve the end result is no more return to the earth plane, the struggle is absolutely worth it.

My channel, has dedicated her life to spirit for many years. Her path has not been an easy one, in fact at times it has been very hard. The work that is done attracts a lot of skeptical people, and a lot of people who cannot believe that I would channel such a person. The site receives a lot of hate mail, and a lot of criticism for the belief system expressed. Yet my channel never wavers from her path. That dedication was recently rewarded in a way that has enabled my channel to purchase the first Maitreya Teaching Center. This will be one of many around the world, residential and non residential, for those who require a retreat in my energy, training in metaphysics, or who just want to leave the world behind for a short period of Earth time. The house has been provided for that.

Situated amongst the nature of Australian Bush, this house will be a place of renewal and transformation for so many. Very soon, information will be available on the web site about it. It has been a dream of my channel’s for so long, to create such a center. Now it has become a reality. It was necessary for me to train my channel in my ways, and for that, she needed to learn much discipline. So did her husband. In order to do that we took them away from their comfort zone and sent them to the beautiful energy of New Zealand. While they lived there for 8 Earth years, we trained both my channel and her husband. It was at times, hard and difficult for the both of them, they had been accustomed to the good life and a life of ease and comfort. That was removed, and they learned to let go of their Self, and to work with us, and the Masters on all levels. There are times when both of them wanted to give up, but they did not, and now we are pleased to say that their training is complete and that my channel graduated in June 1999, and her husband this Earth year. They had to learn to let go of the Self in every way, and learn the new way. That way is now the training for the “Master of Metaphysics course.” Their training has become their teaching.

So many of you wish to leave the Earth plane behind, but when the opportunity is presented to you, you make one excuse after another to avoid it. If one “just does it”, there is no hesitation, no doubt, and all that you do, and all that it costs will come back to you if you have the faith.

My channel and her husband, over the years together, working with us have taken nothing for themselves. You will find no bank accounts with secret money, all that has been given to them in earnings has been given back to us for our use. That is true dedication. They have never wanted, and we have provided ALL of their needs, from air travel tickets, to accommodation, to expenses for all of their accounts. The one thing they have not had though, is the money to do what THEY wanted to do. Now that has been rewarded because they had the Faith, we gave the reward, and that reward is there for each and every one of you once you believe and have no doubt in your minds.

If only you would let go and let us lead you and guide you, you would find that life becomes better, easier and more enriched. Step out of the fear as my channel and her husband did, learn to let go of the Self and serve spirit. As you do that, your life will change for the better. There are many lessons to learn, and much work to be done also. However, there are rewards, but you have to earn them. When they come, they are truly worth it.

Ask the Universe to assist you, and then let go, and let the Universe guide you. You only have to ask once, as Margaret so rightly tells her students, “The Universe is not deaf”! It just takes a little while to start the procedure for your manifestation. Let the Universe assist you.


When you ask for a Master’s help that assistance is given!

Message from Maitreya:

It is with great pleasure that I address you in this newsletter. It has been waiting to happen for quite some time, however, much has taken place in between that has delayed the progress of it.

For those of you who look at the site on a regular basis, we hope that you enjoy it, and let Margaret and Peter know what you like about the site and why. They cannot make improvements without your feedback, so do write and tell them. They are also open to suggestions. Peter has made some excellent suggestions in the last few weeks such as video conferencing and teaching which is being looked into at the moment, and electronic books which can be obtained direct from this site. I believe the word is “Downloaded” it is a strange word, but Margaret assures me that people will understand the meaning of it.

Peter puts a lot of time and effort into the web site. Margaret also takes a lot of time and effort to make herself available to me for channeling for the site. Often she is tired from a day of reading or teaching, but she always takes the time to sit down and let me channel through her. When they get your feedback on the site, especially if it is positive, it makes their day. It also makes the work they do, a lot of the time with no payment for themselves, worthwhile. They truly work for spirit.

I informed Peter in 1996 that this site was to be created, and four years later without any advertising it has become a very popular site indeed. Very soon I will start my public work through Margaret. I am already channeling through her for her magazine column in Australia and very soon will be going public with her to larger and larger audiences educating them about the spiritual part of themselves. I am really looking forward to this part of the work. It is not important that I am recognized, it is the message that is important, not the messenger.

I have channeled a new book through Margaret, which will be ready at the beginning of the month of November. It has been titled “The Energy of Life” and covers topics to do with life energy such as past life energy, sexual energy, and many other subjects. I know that this book, will help a lot of people understand what energy is, and hopefully when they read the book it will help to change their lives or make their lives better. The book will be available on the website soon and I have made a suggestion that a discounted price be given to those who wish to buy it before it is placed in the public.

I thank those of you who have taken the time to write to me personally and thank me for the healing/transformation in their lives. It is my pleasure to do this but YOU are the one who has to do the work. I can provide the energy, but you have to work through the issue and let go to allow the energy to work. It is called surrender. When one surrenders to the problem, one then allows the energy to start flowing and heal/transform the problem.

I also love answering your questions, but I cannot answer every one of them. If I did, Margaret and Peter would not be able to earn a living to pay for this work. I am often asked why I do not allow Margaret to win money for this work but this is how she and Peter have chosen to do it.

I am looking forward to writing to you each Earth month, and also to get the chat site up and running, I did love being able to communicate with people on and through this medium. This will probably be re-started in the new year of Earth time.

Do know that when you ask for mine or other Masters help that assistance is then given. Just remember that.

With Many Blessings and Divine Love to you all.